Solar Energy

Solar Energy

MOPAC has Teaming Partners to consult and provide Solar Energy Solutions to the commercial and industrial markets. Our Teaming Partners commercial install experience ranges from on-site consultations in Dubai, to medium commercial size design and installs in Georgia, Texas, Nevada and California.

Although we specialize in solar array designs and installs, we often complement projects with a cooperative blend of solutions utilizing every natural renewable resource and technology available

Our National Network, combined with a strong engineering and design base, makes creating large scale solutions simple. We are confident that we can help you find a solution that will best fit your long term goals.

Photovoltaic Energy Production
Thermal Water Heating
Photovoltaic systems convert solar energy from the sun directly into electricity. This is a renewable form of energy production.

The cost of a solar (photovoltaic) system can be offset by Federal and State incentive programs. Businesses installing solar arrays are allowed to use a 5 year accelerated depreciation schedule. Along with the incentives and accelerated depreciation schedule, Power Companies are often mandated to generate/purchase a certain percentage of electricity from renewable/green sources - buyback programs. 

In most cases, the Power Company is buying your solar generated electricity from you at a substantially increased price from what you buy your electricity. This price arbitrage off-sets your overall cost of energy.

The incentives, accelerated depreciation and buy-back programs make it possible to have a R.O.I. on the system within 5 years or less.
Utilizing the sun's thermal properties to create hot water for manufacturing and commercial processes can save companies thousands of dollars per month in natural gas or electrical costs. 

The thermal system is based on evacuated tubes that cycle a glycol solution through the panels to a water storage unit where the heat is transferred to the water and stored for use.  The hot water produced free from the sun can be used for the following applications:   
  • Hotels
  • Student Housing
  • Military Housing
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Basically anywhere hot water is demanding in large quantities

The current cost of creating hot water for these uses can be off-set and in some instances removed almost completely.
Solar and LEED
By installing a solar system you may qualify for up to 3 points in the U.S. Green Building Council LEED Program under Energy and Atmosphere - Credit 2, Renewable Energy.
"Supply a net fraction of the building's total energy use (as expressed as a fraction of annual energy cost) through the use of on-site renewable energy systems."
%Total Energy Load Cost in Renewables.
- 1 point
- 2 points
- 3 points
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