Lighting requirements in Commercial Buildings in  the United States consume close to 35 percent of the total electrical demand the buildings. Lighting also affects other building systems through its electrical requirements and the waste heat that it produces. Building owners who decide to upgrade their lighting systems with efficient light sources, fixtures, and controls can reduce lighting energy use, improve the visual environment, and affect the sizing of HVAC and electrical systems.
When developing goals for a lighting upgrade, ensure they are consistent with the overall company goals and energy policies. The goals should include provisions for commissioning?making sure that the installed systems work as intended?and retro-commissioning, to make sure that the installed systems continue to provide the intended benefit throughout their useful life.

We now offer energy efficient lighting solutions to our customers. We are able to replace existing T-12 and T-8 lighting with highly efficient T-5 bulbs and LED Solutions.

Our products does not require removal and disposal of the existing lighting lamp/fixture. Our product has an adapter which acts as the new ballast. Upgrading to these highly efficient lights is not labor intensive and costs less than moving from T12s to T8s and in most cases produces more and better quality light.

Where we have been able to upgrade customers from T-12 to our T-5 product, customers have experienced a 50-75% reduction in energy consumption due to lighting. ROI has typically been 1 - 2 years.
Customers that had already changed to T8 technology were able to reduce energy consumption 25-40% by upgrading again with our T5 product. ROI typically remained under 2 years.

Improve Employee Productivity, Health and Attitude

Lighting is one of three major components of employees' work environment. Studies show that an interior environment can adversely affect employees' ability to effectively complete their tasks.Experts agree that not just the presence, but the quality of light affects human's mental and physical health, including work performance. Natural lighting can offer numerous benefits; however, the significant costs associated with daylighting projects or large-scale lighting replacement make improving the quality of light financially impossible. Employers are faced with the task of finding a financially viable solution to increase productivity and sales and mitigate risk associated with inadequate lighting.
MOPAC's T5 Lighting technology is the solution employers need. Our technology is a source of artificial light that closely imitates the best qualities of daylight.
MOPAC's T5 Lighting technology will allow you to provide your employees with the latest technology in lighting, as well as, to reduce negative side-effects associated with poor light quality. Employee productivity can increase by more than 10% more as a result of improved light quality and our technology can have an ROI of less than two years just in energy-savings.
Can you afford not to retrofit your inefficient, unhealthy lighting with our T5 Technology? Please contact us today for a free lighting evaluation.
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