MOPAC Asset Protection Systems

MOPAC Asset Protection Systems (M.A.P.S.)

M.A.P.S. is a computerized facilities maintenance system for buildings and industrial plants. M.A.P.S. incorporates world-class standards and specifications that optimize facility assets from the design phase in building construction through the maintenance life-cycle of all plants and buildings.

MOPAC implements M.A.P.S. for Customers at zero-cost where services are being utilized on continuous annual projects. There are other systems available, but they only cover one or possibly two components of the building envelope.

MOPAC's competitive advantage is its history of facility maintenance/management, which allows it to both know the best long-term products for projects and the knowledge of current costs to perform maintenance projects.
M.A.P.S. is a proprietary database that was designed to protect all aspects of a building - the entire building envelope. From the tallest tower or stack, to the roof, ceilings, walls, floors and tunnels, M.A.P.S. encompasses the entire building envelope. M.A.P.S. captures quantities, conditions, environments, current systems and other key attributes that affect building and equipment components.

M.A.P.S. utilizes world-class specifications and real world pricing to create budgets and forecasts for planning. Priorities are set and reports demonstrate which areas are in need of maintenance today and which areas can wait for future consideration. M.A.P.S. allows the customer to implement, monitor, measure, and review the latest technology as part of protecting those assets, which comprise their entire infrastructure.

Benefits of M.A.P.S.Significant Cost Savings
Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis
Predictable Maintenance Requirements
Real World Budgeting and Scheduling
Development of Historical Data
Standardization of Maintenance Processes
Coordinated Asset Protect TeamNew Paragraph
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