ISO 55000 & PAS55

PAS55 & ISO 55000

Currently there is only one standard, accepted internationally, that addresses physical asset management - PAS 55.
PAS 55 is a Public Available Specification that was created in response to the demand from industry for a standard for asset management.
PAS 55 can fit any organization where the physical assets are critical in achieving its business objectives.

Structure of PAS 55 Management

The International Standards Organization (ISO) has now accepted PAS 55 as the basis for development of the new ISO 55000 series of international standards.

The new ISO 55000 series will comprise three standards:

ISO 55000 provides an overview of the subject of asset management and the standard terms and definitions to be used.

ISO 55001 is the requirements specification for an integrated, effective management system for assets. 

IS0 55002 provides guidance for the implementation of such a system.

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